Welcome To WITtyDesign.net

The Person

Firstly let me introduce myself, I am Mark Webster of WITtyDesign.net, I have been an IT professional for over 15 years. I am however a life long geek, having been 7 when the ZX81 was first introduced to the market by Sir Clive Sinclair, which captured my imagination about the world of IT, and just developed from there. Since then I have been programming, building and developing IT systems, and have been lucky enough to have been exposed to most parts of the IT industry all my working life. I now bring this experience to individuals and small and medium enterprises throughout South Wales.

The Name

People ask me what the name means, as obviously, I don’t run a commercial design company! It’s a play on my name W(ebster) I(nformation) T(echnology) ty (Welsh for house). So it just means The House Of Webster Information Technology Design, but to be honest that website really wouldn’t have rated very highly on Google!